‘Everyone is worth hearing, we amplify quiet voices’

'Everyone is worth hearing, we amplify quiet voices' Twitter

I am naturally introverted, I am quiet. Over the years, especially in a work setting, this has led to the misunderstanding that I am not confident, have nothing to add or am not paying attention. This couldn’t be further from the truth – I listen, I reflect, I need the pause in a conversation to enable me to add my thoughts.

Everyone is worth hearing, the key to this is understanding people are individuals and how you act or feel, may not be the same for the rest of your colleagues, friends or family. The Wellbeing Collective have the expertise, tools and talent to help amplify the quiet voices, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to speak.

Get in contact to find out more about how we can help you to amplify your voice and those around you.







Photo courtesy of Jason Rosewell, Unsplash

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