Knowing your limits…

Knowing your limits

Do you know when to slow down?

Our lives today are so fast paced, we are pulled in all directions and before we know it we can hit burn out. Knowing yourself and your limits can have a massive impact on how you can care for your own wellbeing.

As an introvert, and having spent the last few months being very busy socially, I know I am close to burn out. It’s so important to learn your signs and know when to step back, rest and give yourself ‘me’ time.

Having a mentor or coach can be an incredible tool to help with this. I have found 1:1 coaching invaluable in understanding myself in a workplace environment, (and at home), and gaining the emotional intelligence to manage my emotions and knowing my limits in a much more mature and self-sustaining way.

Get in touch if you think this may help you too!




Photo courtesy of esdesignisms, Unsplash.

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