It’s all about the sails…

'I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.' Jimmy Dean

Whilst trying to write this blog, I started to try to jot down some thoughts, but nothing was really coming to mind. A different approach was needed, but what approach I ask?!

Recently, within The Wellbeing Collective, we have been having conversations with a focus on “Time to Think’. I decided that now was a time for me to stop and think about what had stymied my ability to let my thoughts flow, rather than find a focus for my writing. Being an introvert, I naturally prefer to ‘think’ before I ‘do’, however, I had been pondering this blog for a while and still nothing was emerging. Nothing had brought inspiration whilst I was out walking, nor the people out clearly enjoying the weather and making memories. So, it has to be more than just this ‘I’ preference of mine.

Interestingly, a conversation I had just a few days earlier came to mind. The focus of this was internal pressure, the pressure we place upon ourselves including to ‘perform’ or ‘achieve’ something. Sharing thoughts and hoping they will be of interest to people is a daunting prospect to me, and clearly some internal pressure was having an influence here – what if people aren’t interested? Why would people want to read something I have written? What if they laugh? All these thoughts were stirring emotional responses within me and seemingly paralysing my thought process. Just recognising what was happening internally, helped me to begin to unlock the thought process so that I could start to challenge and explore the thoughts and feelings I was experiencing.

Reflecting, I also realised that traditionally, if I was talking with someone who was facing the issue of being stuck when asked to ‘do’ something, I would probably have offerred (what I thought to be) helpful ideas, rather than consider supporting them to explore the sense of being stuck. Now I do actively support them but need to further embrace the approach for myself!

Whilst thinking about the issues I found this quote that connected with me:


‘I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.’ Jimmy Dean.


By taking a different approach I have been able to produce this blog, and through doing so have understood a little more about myself and how I interact with others.


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Edited July 2019

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