We have the power to enable positive change: World Mental Health Day 2019

Maybe on World Mental Health Day it’s time to stop bookending our working week with the language of Monday Morning Blues and Thank God it’s Friday. Instead we could start celebrating.png

World Mental Health Day and Workplace Wellbeing

For some, the pressures of work can be overwhelming and cause real and lasting misery. We also know from the evidence of two decades of vocational advice services that employment can be good for our mental health. Returning to work after a spell off with mental health issues, managed well, has clear mental health benefits. There are employers out there whose staff enjoy coming into work, feel emotionally supported while they’re there, know their issues will be taken seriously, and perform brilliantly. At TWBC we work with some of them.

Maybe on World Mental Health Day it’s time to stop bookending our working week with the language of ‘Monday Morning Blues’ and ‘Thank God it’s Friday’. Instead we could start celebrating all those workplaces where people recognise and talk openly about their mental health, listen with care and attention, and look after themselves and each other.

Some of the work we carry out in TWBC is explicitly about workplace wellbeing, e.g. looking after ourselves and looking after each other workshops. But you could make the case that everything we offer touches on mental health and wellbeing. Our coaching, reflective practice and leadership workshops ask people to draw deeply on their emotional responses to the challenges they face. And people really value the offer of “restorative headspace”, where staff who have been through the most stressful of times have the chance to open up in confidence.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us directly at info@thewellbeingcollective.co.uk

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