Monday already!

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Do you ever get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that comes with a Monday?

I know some Mondays I am up and ready to tackle the week full guns blazing, and other Mondays the weeks workload can make me feel like I am already falling behind. The affect this can have on my working week is immense.

Today, I am personally taking some mindful advice that we teach our clients… to slow down. Right now I am a little overwhelmed, so I am going to go for a walk, in the rare British sunshine, take a deep breath, re-set and come back after lunch ready to tackle the week with a positive mindset. I know this will improve my productivity and outlook.

At TWBC we teach various courses which help staff and teams work cohesively and support one another, no matter what your Monday feeling brings. What do you do to ensure you get your mindset back on track?



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