Swap Books, Swap Ideas: World Book Day 2020

Green Photo World Book and Copyright Day Social Media Graphic

Happy World Book Day!

It’s safe to say that everyone at TWBC is a self-confessed book worm, and today is the perfect opportunity to share some of our favourites. In return we would love to hear what books you couldn’t do without in the workplace.


  • Peter Hawkins, ‘Leadership and Team Coaching’. It does what it says and applies the discipline of coaching to team dynamics. Great mixture of theory and practice.


  • David Rock, ‘Your Brain at Work’. David Rock manages to pull together the latest neuroscience research on the brain and use it to formulate models which I often use in training, particularly the SCARF model.


  • Richard Rohr, ‘Falling upwards’. One for any age, but particularly those in the second half of life. It’s super spiritual and has been transformational for me.


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