When you need your Team around you – mini blog

It’s safe to say this week has been super challenging for me. I undertake a role I enjoy and find so fulfilling, but there are times when something unexpected gets in the way. This week it’s been my health…whilst it would be too long and laborious to unpack it here, I’ve need to speak with my colleagues as openly as I could about what is going on for me. That task has been difficult in itself, but necessary…openness and vulnerability are hard, but can really help others to understand you better. 

The Team and colleagues I work with at TWBC have been fantastic, supportive, accepting and hugely accommodating. In many respects I didn’t expect anything less, but at my lowest point this week I took real comfort from the awareness of their kindness, consideration, gentleness, and acceptance given to me. It may not surprise you to know that these acts are the hallmark of a great Team; the sense of the value given to each other not in just what you do, but who you are! 

Here at TWBC we spend a lot of our time and energy working alongside Teams to create the right conditions for growth and development – helping Teams to be the very best they can be. I feel proud that we don’t only invest in it, we demonstrate it too within our own everyday working life.  I end the week feeling the arms of my Team around me, I could call any of them and I know they would be there. 

#team #teampride #wellbeing #kindness #care #concern #acceptance #valuing 

Tim – The Wellbeing Collective

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