Only Human!

First, we are human. This phrase has been in my mind in recent weeks as I work with others to deal with their day-to-day challenges to help and support others. Our relationships are the vehicle through which most of us work, whether as a manager, a peer, a customer or a loved one. It is the quality of our relationships with others which enable us to achieve great things. Knowing this to be the case, it begs the questions:

  • How much time do we devote to thinking about what makes our relationships work?
  • Do we engage others in meaningful conversations about how we can better work together?

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All too often such questions get lost in the daily busyness and often the quest to complete that particular days ‘To Do’ list. The stresses and strains which creep into many work settings (and homes too) can result in us not being as thoughtful as we could be in our interactions with others and leave us oblivious to the impact, positive or otherwise, of our conversations and dialogue.

Our relationships, in many respects, boil down to not just what is said, but also how it is said, not forgetting the power of omission, what is not said. As human beings, our capacity to form complex and meaningful relationships, extends somewhat beyond some of the amazing and lifelong relationships formed by other species – at our best, it is characterised by caring, compassion, thoughtfulness and understanding. To be at our best, and to support others to be at their best we can all benefit from taking a moment or two to think about what is going on for us and for others, and what that means for how we can most effectively work together.

Accounting for our humanness, it maybe that next time we need to deal with one of the many challenges which crop up in our relationships, take that time to stop, think and maybe have a conversation with someone about how you can work better together. First, we are human, and accepting that in ourselves and others gives us the strength to face any challenge openly and confidently.

Amanda Clark – Senior Consultant, The Wellbeing Collective. 




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