A mutual mindset

Over the past couple of months, as part of my personal development, I have had a great opportunity to attend a number of interesting workshops. The facilitation of these has been professional and informative.

Whilst the workshops have offered ideas and signposting to resources, the most valuable aspect has been the opportunity for reflection. Being reflective is not always a strength of mine, I tend to fill my time with activity and tasks. The only time I reflect naturally is when I’m away from work and able to find my own space.


I love to walk and find it powerful to stop at points during the walk and look back, viewing what I have experienced from a different perspective i.e. see the things I haven’t seen and view with a different backdrop and differing light – a variety of lenses. Often it will be with a great sense of accomplishment given the distance or climb that has been made, so another lens or filter applied. As opposed to the view when I first set off and survey the challenge to be surmounted. This is so vivid for me it makes me wonder why having this approach to reflection can, for me, in other aspects of life, be so hard.

Back to the workshops I’ve attended, what have been my reflections, what has been triggered? The content of the workshops had many similarities with some of our areas of delivery we focus on in The Wellbeing Collective – I have recognised that the conversations I was engaging with were peppered with elements of my own recent learning from time of working with The Wellbeing Collective. I have found an emerging curiosity to explore people’s perspectives, to explore their thinking, their view and their experiences and to test out their ideas – for me it has become really important to be ‘in the room’ with people and not get distracted by other things.  Additionally, I have realised that I can now comfortably engage without feeling I have an agenda or underlying motive.  The focus for me has become on developing a Mutual Learning Mindset with others.

Roger Schwarz introduces the concept of the Mutual Learning Mindset, and the powerful impact this can have when leading and working with others. He describes the core values, assumptions and behaviours required in achieving a Mutual Learning Mindset and the varying and complex challenges to achieving a this for any individual undertaking a facilitative role. I am not saying I have suddenly achieved being able to facilitate with the approach of a Mutual Learning Mindset, however to have moments of insight upon which to inspire further exploration and personal development has become important and valuable. Such moments of insights connect so readily with one of our core values “Everything can be better so learn with a passion”.  So, this week as you work with others, take some moments to strive to help others to find ‘their space’, to reflect, develop their own insights and continue their learning. Not only can it lead to moments of increased curiosity and inspiration, but can help you and others to thrive.

Sharon Outhwaite – Senior Consultant, The Wellbeing Collective.




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