You are making a difference.

Blog April 16th V2

Our fourth week of strict social distancing and I don’t know about you but I personally needed the Easter break we just had. The intense emotional, physical and mental feelings were becoming a little overwhelming. Should I be doing more? Can I do more? Do I even want to do be doing any more than just following guidelines?

But then I remembered the following and I wanted to share it – as I hope it may help one of you reading it.

It doesn’t matter what role you have, or what your situation is. If you are a key worker, a parent juggling work and childcare, home alone – all of us, together, are making a difference. You are making a difference.

TWBC has a core value, ‘Every conversation counts, every action adds value’. This really resonated with me this week.

Stay safe. Stay home. We are in this together.

#lockdown #isolation #UK #everyconversationcounts #everyactionaddvalue #stayhome #protectthenhs #staysafe #together #youareenough #youaremakingadifference

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