Discovering your inner child

From Amy,

Like all companies, we’ve had to make some tough decisions in recent weeks. Here’s Becca, one of our staff talking about her experience.

Discover your inner child

Living in the moment – not something I do very often. I like plans, I worry about those plans, I look forward to those plans. I don’t really like change. Well, that’s pretty much all gone out the window whether I like it or not. I’m on furlough, at first I was worried what that would mean, how it would affect my plans. However, after a few days I have noticed something. I don’t plan past what I am going to do with my toddler in the next few hours and what meals I will make from our essential shop. I’m playing, having fun with my child, being a child myself. Getting back to what makes me happy. Not caring if someone sees me pretending to be a turtle or lion on our walk. Not worrying if my hair desperately needs a cut and roots dyed, not worrying I am in muddy jeans and no make-up, just enjoying being in the sunshine and having this unique time. I’ve learnt how to make a car out of cardboard, pretend to be a firefighter with chalk fire on the walls and the hose, hunt for colours on our walk… I am taking in what I wouldn’t give a second glance to usually on a commute to work, or in a rushed weekend when we try to squeeze in so much. The stuff we thought was essential chores, but now we know, they really weren’t or aren’t!

At TWBC, we often use the PAC part of transactional analysis  (Parent, Adult, Child). We share some of this as part of our CALM model Going back into my Free child state, living in the moment, relishing every additional second I have with my child, remembering the carefree fun I used to have at his age – it’s life changing. No more adult ties to abiding by the societal rules we are taught and place on ourselves.

We can take every opportunity and either focus on the negative or the positive. I choose positive. I will have my up days and down days, but I have the power to choose how I remember this time. I have many more months and years to worry about plans, but right now, for the remaining time we are living in this situation, I am going to enjoy every minute of not planning and just being my childlike self.

How are you viewing your furlough journey?

Becca Godfrey – Business Development Lead (TWBC)

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