We don’t need restoration, we need regeneration…

Tim, one of my colleagues from TWBC heard a really interesting quote this week when discussing with a health leader about how to tailor the right type support for NHS staff at this time. They were reflecting on systems working, particularly integration, and how things had been achieved in weeks that normally would take months or even years to achieve. In considering what actions the NHS should take next, the health leader said to him:

“we don’t need restoration, we need regeneration…we need to create something new, innovative, different…to learn from this rich experience, to reshape radically from what we know”.


As lockdown is eased, so are many organisations beginning to move away from living with the urgency of the situation and taking more time to reflect on how to re-establish a sense of normal. Things feel calmer. The fight or flight response that emerges in times of crisis, whilst still in view, is less prescient. We are now beginning to take more time to reason, to judge, to assess and to learn.

Staying connected and learning mindfully about our emotions is now more important than ever. It is covered in our CALM modules https://thewellbeingcollective.co.uk/introduction-to-calm and I am reminded of them when I think about what opportunities are set before us all now.

There are new powerful opportunities being presented to us – to change our way of life, to change the way we do things, to learn in a deep and profound way, to discover the keys to delivering long held ambitions. As I always say with most great opportunities, grasp them, they’re like gifts on offer, like rewards for dedication, commitment and focus.

Amy, CEO, The Wellbeing Collective

#learning #reflection #regenerate #mindfulness

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