Everyone benefits from kindness, so let’s be generous

In preparation for writing this blog I decided to undertake an experiment to see if Kindness is real and what if any impact it has in my life on a daily basis.


My highly scientific experiment saw me counting every identifiable act of kindness. I jotted them down every time I spotted something that looked like Kindness over a 24 hour period……. Lets look at what I found.

  • 14 times food or drink were provided, including a colleague kindly being passed bowl of fruit by his husband while on a video call.
  • 12 emails, texts or messages that included a clear message of kindness, compassion, helpfulness or concern
  • 3 occasions where a neighbour kindlysmiled, waved and or stopped to chat for a moment or two
  • 1 example of kind and helpful customer care, as our summer holiday was having to be cancelled
  • 6 stories of work related kindness that I was told while virtual coaching people as part of my job
  • 1 time that a colleague kindly offered up time to help me unlock my password
  • 1 occasion when I saw someone being kindby helping someone they didn’t know with their shopping.
  • 8 examples of people in my household doing something kind with love, patience, service or generosity for someone else
  • A late night message from a friend who was recently bereaved reaching out for a little human contact received kindness from me

This rough and ready piece of action research highlighted over 50 acts of kindness that I received, offered or witnessed in one day. Being kind and having someone be kind to us raises our dopamine levels which means we get an increased sense of wellbeing.

I genuinely have felt more cared for and calm in the last day just because I have been looking forkindness and compassion all around me …… in all its forms.

Kindness when provided generously and recognised frequently can help us all live happier lives, kindness can come in all shapes and sizes and I wonder how many examples you could spot?

The Wellbeing Collective team choose kindness as a way of life and we know that by being generous with our time, compassion and experience that we get to be part of better outcomes for everyone we work with.

Amy Hobson CEO – TWBC amy@thewellbeingcollective.co.uk

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