Authentic Leaders: 4 key components

I spend my time working with leaders who build and maintain healthy and effective work relationships and it is my observation that Authenticity is at the heart of those who are most are successful. I created this chart below for my own learning and to share with others. It breaks down 4 key components as defined by Dr T Fusco in 2015 – Authentic Leaders are Conscious, Confident, Competent and Congruent.

I have been working on these four components and it has really helped me to think about what each component means, how I might practice enhanced ways of being and what the impact might be as a result.

I would be really interested in your thoughts and experiences of how these four components of Authenticity and what the impact is when all four are present.

I know that I am able to build trust much more easily with those I work with when I am exhibiting behaviours that show I am Conscious, Confident, Competent and Congruent.




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