Earth Day 2021

The Wellbeing Collective spent Earth Day 2021 focussing on our pledges at a personal and professional level.

This year’s Earth Day theme is “Restore Our Earth”, with participants urged to focus not only on how we can reduce our impact on the planet but also on how we might actively repair ecosystems.

The Wellbeing Collective pledge to reduce our impact on the planet and actively repair our ecosystems by:

  • Buying second hand clothes and make gifts as a norm, not just today but for always
  • Being even more self conscious of our carbon footprint
  • Not just focussing on recycling but reducing our waste as a whole
  • Growing our own veggies (The Wellbeing Collectively shared veggie seeds last year between the team during the first lockdown, and gained some brand new crop growing enthusiasts – so this year we have our second crops underway – an exciting discussion point for our team)
  • Keeping our ‘weeds’ – especially our dandelions
  • Growing bee encouraging plants
  • Learning – we pledge to read ‘Ecological Intelligence: The Hidden Impacts of What We Buy’ by Daniel P Goleman for example

Did you make a pledge? We would love to hear from you.





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