Discrimination – what conversation do you need to have this week to actively challenge your assumptions – short blog

To help us understand each other, human beings develop the ability to make thousands of micro assumptions about the way people look, sound, behave and live their lives. These assumptions can be incredibly helpful and are perfectly natural in navigating our world, however, they aren’t always accurate, can lead us into stereotyping and unconscious bias.

This seems like a simple notion, but how readily do we explore the beliefs we hold, and truly challenge the assumptions that our beliefs lead us to make?

Take a moment to think about some of the assumptions you may have made this week?

How have these assumptions been linked to your beliefs about a person, a Team, a group or a situation?

What conversation do you need to have this week to actively challenge your assumptions, who would they be with?

It is enormously beneficial for all of us to look beyond our cursory self-reflections, and truly tune in to understanding what underpins the quick judgments and assessments of people we make. This deeper level of self-awareness helps us ensure that discrimination is never something we inadvertently promote.

At TWBC one of our core values is that every single action can add value, and that we need to mindfully do our part. Our learning over the last year has been to avoid the sidelines or the commentary box, but to actively engage in discussions around difference linked to our assumptions. This involves challenging our own beliefs, assumptions and actions first and foremost, in order to meaningfully value the individuality and worth of all human beings.

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