Something for the week ahead…

We may have had some well needed rain this weekend but I’m seriously hoping for sunnier weather in the week ahead. I’m also hoping for an enriching week at work. For me I’ve been doing things a little differently.

With days filled with meetings or emails I needed to make a conscious effort to do something away from my desk, something for me. Go running I thought? Try a new exercise class perhaps? … but the more I thought about them the more I couldn’t bring myself to find the time or inclination. So instead, I started to think about the natural full stops throughout my day that had disappeared, that chat with a colleague whilst grabbing a coffee or the thinking time that my commute used to provide…so I have decide to start small. 

My new virtual commute is a 5 mins stroll in the garden with my cup of tea before I sit at my desk, booking myself a protected 30 mins in my diary for a some lunch away from emails and monitors and squeezing in those 10min buffers of time for a coffee break before joining the next meeting. They may seem like tiny insignificant changes but I can tell you that their impact is a huge positive on both my well-being and on my working day. Sometimes it’s the little things that can impact the most.

As you go into the next week take time to reflect on how the last week has been, is there a little thing you’d like to change, a little goal, is there something that would make next week even better for you?

When Monday comes try it out…let us know how you get on.

Max – The Wellbeing Collective

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