Our latest short blog – preferred pronouns

Yesterday a couple of us at TWBC had a conversation about preferred pronouns, we discussed Eddie Izzard, other celebrities and colleagues. We reflected on how hard it can be to remember to use preferred pronouns when we are so conditioned to go by just what we see and hear. 

To work with preferred pronouns involves consciously engaging, and mindfully working, with someone else’s preference – really valuing who someone is and how they are in the world.  

Part of our discussion also included a reflection that in the UK we can have these conversations, these are freely spoken and bravely faced. Yet for over 70 countries in the world there continues to be legislation that limits any form of expression difference reflecting a LBGT+ person. 

As we move more confidently into a space of working well with difference we need to continue to hold in view the ongoing oppression of so many across the world. Everyone should have the right to have #pride in their own identity.

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