Becoming Active Allies…

Here at TWBC we’ve made protected time to review our diversity credentials. We set out at the beginning of this spring to really challenge ourselves:  

  • Just how much do we embrace difference and diversity?  
  • Do we even understand what these words mean to us as individuals or as a Collective?  
  • How can me move from a position of supporting and endorsing principles of diversity to being an active ally in the cause for working towards equality, fairness, and justice?  

As a Collective we have wanted to really challenge ourselves, part of that has been creating lots of opportunity for discussion and challenge within ourselves and you would have seen some of this filtering through in recent weeks.

Probably the most important part of our journey has been working with an expert in the field to begin our own active ally journey. This last couple of weeks we have been exploring what we mean and understand by the term diversity. We’ve been asking about what is means to actively work with diversity in our relationships, conversations, and actions…it’s a fair and worthy challenge. For us it creates excitement, but there is also a shared agreement that it also takes courage to stand out, speak out and speak up. Look out for our reflections this week on what we’re beginning to learn… 

Tim, The Wellbeing Collective.  

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