The Importance of My Job Reflecting Myself

I wrote the first half of this blog a couple of months ago. It sat in my drafts for a little while and then, when I went back to it, my opinion had changed. I have added to it and it is now an arc of the developing relationship between my work and myself.  After … Continue reading The Importance of My Job Reflecting Myself

Be Your Authentic Self! 

I spent a number of years being cripplingly shy. I think this is disappointing for others to not be able to develop a rapport with you deeper than surface level and it made me feel awkward and embarrassed.   (Out-of-focus person covering face with hands.) I used to get on and do extracurricular clubs but I … Continue reading Be Your Authentic Self! 

Loneliness – Mental Health Awareness Week 

*Free Resource Included!* There’s a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. This is the idea that loneliness is an experience, not a circumstance. Let that concept sit with you for a minute. What are your reactions to it? How interlinked are solitude and loneliness in your life?  What causes loneliness and what this term … Continue reading Loneliness – Mental Health Awareness Week