My Evaluation of Queerbaiting

Harry Styles, Kit Connor and Yungblud are three prime examples of celebs who have been accused of queerbaiting.  Queerbaiting is the implication that you identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community (when in reality you don’t) in order to increase profit and sales.  In trying to understand why these people specifically are being put in … Continue reading My Evaluation of Queerbaiting

Respect: It’s not our place to pass judgement

"I’m a single mum. I’ll always be a single mum because I’m responsible for my sons, whether I’m living with Joe or not...There’s an assumption that if you’re with someone, like I am with Joe, you’re no longer a lone parent...I’ve done posts before [on social media] about how proud I am of being a … Continue reading Respect: It’s not our place to pass judgement