Be Your Authentic Self! 

I spent a number of years being cripplingly shy. I think this is disappointing for others to not be able to develop a rapport with you deeper than surface level and it made me feel awkward and embarrassed.   (Out-of-focus person covering face with hands.) I used to get on and do extracurricular clubs but I … Continue reading Be Your Authentic Self! 

Diversity and Inclusion Book Recommendations

A Pair of Book Reviews Straight Expectations: The Story of a Family in Transition By Peggy Crydon A Book Review This story had such a clear focus but lent itself to much more. It was about mothering a transgender son, but I learnt about becoming more attuned to your human experience, trusting your instincts and … Continue reading Diversity and Inclusion Book Recommendations

Anything is Possible by Gareth Southgate 

This book is divided into three sections: Be Brave, Be Kind and Follow Your Dreams.  The biggest takeaway from this book for me was that you can be both a leader and a good person. Gareth is clearly so values-driven and prides himself on his respect for his team members – you don’t have to … Continue reading Anything is Possible by Gareth Southgate 

How to Embrace Difference and Diversity

Similarity versus Difference  Part 2 of a 3-part blog  If you are someone who has not experienced prejudice before or who can sometimes struggle to empathise with those who have, try this little exercise:  Consider something about yourself which you deem perfectly normal - maybe your eye colour, hair length, shoe size. Now imagine someone … Continue reading How to Embrace Difference and Diversity

How to Remove Fear from the Equality Equation

Black History Month Learnings and Reflection  Part 1 of a 3-part blog  As Black History Month has come to end and we continue to learn about and celebrate the black community, I would like to share what I have recently been made aware of.   In honesty, I have previously felt a barrier of fear from not knowing if a conversation is going to … Continue reading How to Remove Fear from the Equality Equation

Why your New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t Working *Free Resource*

Are New Year’s Resolutions right for you? Explore why you may have felt defeated in the past or continue to hit a brick resolution wall each January.  There are mixed reviews around New Year’s resolutions. There are those who thrive off them because they are die-hard committers, referring back to their list intermittently throughout the year. And then there … Continue reading Why your New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t Working *Free Resource*