In conversations – where is your focus?

blog 3.pngEver since setting up The Wellbeing Collective almost four years ago I have been planning to start a blog and now that I am working with a fantastic team of colleagues we are able to represent our Collective by taking it in turns sharing our thoughts with you.

I have been asking myself why it has taken all this time and why when I was considering writing it by myself that I hadn’t done so… the reality is that I was worried that I didn’t have anything worth reading and that I wouldn’t be able create something compelling.


The pressure I have been putting myself under wanting to write an ‘amazing’ Blog that you would all want to read grew into a very big reason not to write one at all, as the harder I tried to write something worth reading the further away the right words seemed.

There is a real similarity between this desire to say something ‘amazing’ in a blog and what I often hear from people around coaching and facilitation, which is the desire to ask, ‘brilliant questions’ or say something ‘very clever with huge impact’.

The desire to add value, help someone, say something useful in conversation can get in the way of actually doing all those things. Without realising it we can become focussed on ourselves rather than the other person, instantly undermining everything we hope to offer.

The counter balance to this is to let go of all our expectations of being clever or asking brilliant questions, to quieten down that inner voice that doubts us and instead focus totally on the other person or people, hold them entirely in mind and allow yourself to respond authentically to them with curiosity and compassion.

This is how I will be approaching The Wellbeing Blog and who knows what could come from that?

Amy Hobson – Co-Founder and Managing Partner




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