Why your New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t Working *Free Resource*

Are New Year’s Resolutions right for you? Explore why you may have felt defeated in the past or continue to hit a brick resolution wall each January. 

There are mixed reviews around New Year’s resolutions. There are those who thrive off them because they are die-hard committers, referring back to their list intermittently throughout the year. And then there are many people who end up putting their resolutions from last year onto their list for this year because they never quite managed to achieve them. And that is totally, utterly, 100% okay. Many of us have the black-and-white attitude of ‘if I don’t achieve these then I failed’. There are, in fact, a number of explanations for why you may not have reached your goals. To help you find out what yours is, TWBC is offering a free resource for you! Using our fun question-and-answer flow chart, you will receive a personal, tailored explanation of what hasn’t worked for you in the past and why this was. Included are also a couple of top tips for you to combat this in future so that you can successfully set, review and achieve your New Year’s resolutions. To access this resource, download it below or click here to visit our website’s shop, where you can find other free and paid-for material. 

I created this resource pack so that you can enter into the New Year more optimistically and have a better chance at making your hopes and dreams tangible. There is lots of research out there but all drawing similar conclusions: not only do about half of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by February, but many actually expect to before they even begin. This led me to think that people are not setting resolutions that are meaningful to them or that they have a genuine motivation to attempt. There are, of course, also other reasons why people can be unsuccessful in this realm – maybe you have a busy schedule, are trying to face some big goals or have a skewed expectation of yourself. There isn’t a blanket answer that explains everyone’s lack of success: instead, this resource categorises various situations and considers different personal positions that people might find themselves in. It is accessible for everyone and could easily be applied to wider goal setting.  

At The Wellbeing Collective, we believe in making our tools and resources as accessible to everyone as possible. As well as this resource, you can find other freebies on our website and, coming soon, we are launching a set of courses on Personal Mastery. If you like this New Year’s resolution material, be sure to keep your eyes peeled as these courses become available at an affordable price. Follow our social media to stay updated and sign up to email notifications on our blog.  

Happy goal setting! 



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